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Cat Blanket Blue II

Sooo . . . evening after evening I’ve kept my fingers busy repairing the small pulls our felines diligently create on their favorite blanket. And then, one morning, I woke up to this:

Somebody really went to town during the night.

Handwoven goods are fragile, which is (maybe) a bad thing; but damaged handwovens, especially if they are, ahem, utility handwovens, often lend themselves to relatively simple repairs.

This cat blanket was doomed from the start, so I had nothing to lose by gently pulling, tugging, and re-weaving every horrible loop and snag. I used the tiniest crochet hook I own, and very patiently worked through this rather astonishing mess.

Then I put the blanket into a large mesh bag and threw it in the washing machine, on cold. Then I dried it, in the dryer, gently and slowly. (It’s a cat blanket!) The idea, of course, was to shrink everything just enough to maximize the gains made in repairing the thing.

Success! The blanket felted only very slightly (the cats certainly won’t mind), and it’s back in service.

The guilty party, maybe. There’s another suspect. In future, all potential miscreants will be supervised when utilizing the cozy, cozy blanket.

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